Monday, December 17, 2012

Please, Be Kind

It's Christmas. I will say it again. It's Christmas.

It seems as if people have forgotten. Someone murdered 20 children and six adults on Friday, December 14. And today, Senator Daniel Inouye passed away. How are the two linked in my world? I don't need to say anything about Newtown. We are all in pain. As far as Senator Inouye goes; well, today, on the day he died, someone had the nerve to say that he did not serve our country because he was a Democrat.

I never knew Senator Inouye as a person. I just remember always being proud of that he represented my home state and I will always remember him in his suit and red carnation lei. I'm sure he has had his not-so-fine moments; I know I do. But this man who was a World War II veteran, a man who lost his arm in war. Let's also not forget that he fought for our country when our country interned people of his own ethnicity.

Again, Senator Inouye fought for our country.

Something that I cannot comprehend choosing to do.

But, I digress. I think people have forgotten that it's Christmas. So I can't help wonder, if not during this season, when will we be kind to one another?

There's a built-in reason to be kind right now, and in all our shock and grief, we have forgotten to be kind to other people. I am guilty of it myself. I assure you, I have been a very angry, hateful person for the past three and a half months, but I don't want to be anymore. I want to find a way to be consciously kind to someone everyday. And I'm not talking about the kindness where I buy someone's coffee or help the disenfranchised by volunteering or giving money.

I am talking about a simpler form of kindness. For example, today, I got in a huff because I was trying to make a left turn into the In-n-Out drive thru, but someone turning right cut in front of me, and a second person was about to do the same. So I cut her off. I was completely aware of my action, and I felt bad as soon as I completed that left turn. What I'm saying is I want to be kind in an everyday sort of way. I also want to be kind to my friends and family. That will most likely manifest in me sending you a text or email saying thank you for the friendship and love you have shared with me. I don't always know what's going on in your life, and maybe my message will make you smile or make your heart lift a little.

This is what I think we all need to do right now. Maya Angelous is right, we do need to say "I'm sorry" to one another about what happened in Connecticut. But, we also need to be more kind.