Sunday, August 30, 2009

Watermelon Table Runner

Here is a very late birthday present for my mom (her birthday is in March and it's now August). The pattern for this table runner is a freebie from Better Homes and Gardens' allpeoplequilt website.

The instructions are not the best, and it's also very hard to find black, heart-shaped buttons, so I used multi-color ones. You also need to know how to cut bias strips for the white and green binding. Since I didn't know how to make my own bias strips, I turned to Google, and I thought these instructions from the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture were the best.

A couple of pattern modifications and/or notes:

  • Next time I make this, I will increase the width of the green strips by 1/4 inch so some green shows in the back (totally an aesthetic thing on my part).
  • The pattern instructs you to trim down from Pattern A to Pattern B after you sew the red strips onto the batting and backing combination, but you don't have to do that if you cut your binding strips long enough. I did not trim down the pattern.
  • In my quilting experience, normally the batting and backing extend 1/4 inch beyond the "quilt top," but with this pattern, everything is even.

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