Tuesday, March 19, 2013

China Trip: Shanghai

Shanghai. We zipped through this city. It was the most Western of all the cities in China that we visited. From the architecture to the slightly more comfortable beds to the city as a whole, this felt the most comfortable because it reminded me of the U.S. Of course there were still many, many people out and about.

Our first stop was the Shanghai Museum. I especially enjoyed looking at the jade pieces, as well as other artifacts like the ceramic pillows the Chinese once used. Something that was quite amusing considering how hard the beds were in some of the hotels.

Shanghai Museum

A ceramic pillow

We also shopped along Nanjing Road, which is the main shopping street in Shanghai. It was incredibly crowded. This may it hard to get a real good look at the architecture, which was more European.

Nanjing Road
Our shopping expedition also lead us to Yuyuan Garden. This is probably the area where we had the most free time from "touring." We actually walked around on our own and bargained for souvenirs. I took a picture of the building below because it is a restaurant with Western style toilets, which are located on the second floor. It seems silly, I know, but after awhile in China, you really want Western style toilets.

A restaurant in the Yuyuan Gardens
A sight that should not be missed in Shanghai is the Bund at night. The Bund is Shanghai's famous waterfront. Located on the west bank of the Huangpu River, this is where you will find buildings of different architectural structure that are decidedly European. Across the river, you see the Pudong Area, which you probably recognize from movies.

A building along the Bund

Pudong Area from the Bund
My final picture is of more construction, this time in Shanghai. Most of the construction projects look like this one, it's just that I was actually standing still and not in a moving tour bus when I took this picture.

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