Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Party Plan

Since this is our first year celebrating our birthdays in the house, I decided it would be nice to put together a party for Seth's 31st birthday. It also happens to be football season, and Seth follows USC so we got everyone together in time to watch the game against Ohio State.

I took on too much cooking and not enough hosting, but Seth had a good time. Here's the menu of food that I made:

Main Dish
Char Siu Chicken

Caesar Salad
Pesto Pasta Salad

Edamame Rice
My Mom's "Spanish" Rice




Seth's mom made mac and cheese; his dad and step-mom brought sausages; his sister brought edamame; and his grandma made a fruit salad. There were some other dishes that people brought as well, but I cannot remember it all. The nice thing is that there was a huge variety of food for leftovers.

Also, don't be too impressed with the main dishes. I bought the kalbi meat and marinade from the Korean market in Concord and our friends sent us the char siu marinade that they get from Hawaii.

This one of two food picture I have from that night:

I am exhausted just thinking about having made all this food...I started cooking on Friday and did not stop until Saturday night.

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