Friday, February 8, 2013

Korean Style Katsu

What's up with L.A., and the good eats in the food courts of Asian markets? There's Santouka for ramen in the Mitsuwa Market (Venice and Centinela in Culver City), and now there's Katsu for a Korean spin on Japanese katsu in the Galleria Market (Devonshire and Reseda in Northridge).

This Korean style katsu is called donkkaseu, and both are basically chicken or pork cutlet that  have been dipped in panko (bread crumbs) and fried. Apparently you can also get shrimp or hamburger at this place. The Korean version of katsu includes banchan, which in this case are sides of marinated jalapeno and radish kimchee. 

I thought that was it for the Korean spin on katsu, until I had already ordered and paid for the chicken katsu, when the cashier stepped aside and I read "kimchee pork cutlet."

Kimchee pork cutlet? I quickly changed my order and paid the...wait for it...56-cents more for the kimchee stuffed pork cutlet. It was the best additional 56-cents I've ever paid.

This combination just makes so much sense (okay, maybe it's because I'm from Hawaii), that I'm surprised I've never heard about this before. I don't know why it's not being served in Hawaii!

This is now my new lunch spot. And I am thrilled because there aren't very many great options near my work. By the way, I read about Katsu while researching restaurants on the Los Angeles Magazine website. I happened upon a blog by Eddie Lin, and the very next day, I left my leftovers at home, and went for my first round of dokkaseu.

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