Friday, May 8, 2009

Another Conundrum of the Minor Sort

I love yoga, and I love my yoga teacher. Unfortunately for me, it is time for change in my yoga teacher's life and she is moving to South Carolina. Her last day of teaching in California is tomorrow, May 9, 2009; but due to my work schedule, my last class with her was yesterday. Reluctantly, I am forced to find a new yoga teacher. Yes, change can be a good thing, but Lauren is just the right teacher for my temperament (see previous blog posts for the reasons why). Also, I did try out different teachers last summer, and out of the four I only liked one. Again, unfortunately for me, the one I like teaches way across the Bay in Santa Rosa or somewhere else on the North Bay. If you have any recommendations for teachers on the East Bay, please send them my way. And so, it is with a rather heavy heart that I say aloha 'oe to Lauren.

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