Tuesday, May 5, 2009


As conundrums go, this one is minor, but the minor sort are the best sort to have if you must have any at all. The problem? Retail. I have too much stuff as it is, but something out there always succeeds in catching my attention. Right now it's the customized Sigg bottles you can get on Cafe Press and yet another bit of Twilight from pinkladydesigns. The rational side of me says not to buy anything because I already have a Sigg, as well as enough zippered little bags. But the retail lover in me reminds me that I don't have that a 1L Sigg, nor do I have one of Sandra's wristlets.

For now I will try to keep reminding myself that I should be saving up money for my trip to the Olympic Peninsula this summer, followed by a trip to Comic-Con.

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