Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Moon (again)

It's amazing how full our DVR gets, and how slow we are to watch the shows recorded. Having a DVR makes me think I that I manage my time better than I really do. I always end up doing anything else other than watching my shows because I have fooled myself into thinking that I'll just catch-up later. Reality: The DVR is currently full of the most recent seasons of Heroes and Smallville.

Then there are times like tonight, when having a DVR is the best thing ever. I wasn't sure if I would remember to watch the MTV Movie Awards since I normally skip it, so I set it up to record the show. How can a Twilight-crazed person like me miss it? The movie was up for so many awards, plus there was also the promise of a New Moon trailer.

The award show and the DVR lived up to they hype. Not only did Twilight get a ton of screen time, but the trailer for New Moon was awesome! I even did a small rewind to watch the trailer again during a performance I could miss.

If you missed the trailer, go to the Twilight Lexicon blog and watch an HD version of it there, and watch it in full screen. There isn't one bit of Italy, but I think Twilight fans will be happy to see the Cullens looking like they should (fashion upgrade), as well as Jacob phasing into a wolf! I cannot wait for November 20, 2009!

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