Monday, November 9, 2009

From Party Planner to Boutique...Builder?

In my work life I have gained a lot of experience planning events like receptions, reunions, and dinners, so sometimes I feel like a professional party planner. This fall I took on something new at the office, and planned the annual holiday boutique.

It turned out to be quite the undertaking. Between recruiting new vendors, balancing product selection, marketing, fielding phone calls and juggling logistics, my head was spinning. This might be why I fell asleep one night in the beginning of October and woke up to find myself in November.

The boutique was this past weekend, on November 6 and 7. All in all, I am somewhat pleased with the end result. I liked that we had a better variety of vendors, including succulent plants, coffee, and soaps. Long-time boutique vendors had nice things to say about the improved variety. Among other things in the future, I would like to draw more people from the surrounding communities rather than just the immediate geographic area.

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