Monday, March 1, 2010

Litter Bugs Me

The first sight I saw this morning as I drove to work was the couch that someone dumped next to our back fence.

How. Incredibly. Inconsiderate.

The waste management company said we had two options: For $40 they would pick the couch up, but we would have to haul it to the front of the house; or call the city and have them pick it up.

So I called the city but because it was on our property they would not pick it up. The couch actually needed to be on the street. Apparently there are people who pretend that trash has been left on their property in effort to get free trash-hauling service.

Forget the trash pick-up. The fact that someone (most likely a neighbor) was rude enough to make their trash my and then the city's problem, is just infuriating. Ugh. Malama ka'aina, people. I learned to respect the land when I was little kid, not to mention other people, and you can still learn.

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