Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dieter Dengler's Escape From Laos

Escape from Laos by Dieter Dengler

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While I tend to avoid real-life-themed works in fiction, I do enjoy reading history books, biographies and memoirs. Lately, I've been on a history-biography-memoir kick.

Escape From Laos is Dieter Dengler's account of the time he spent as a POW in Laos, including his escape. This was an easy, interesting read. I read it in part because I just finished John McCain's Faith of My Fathers, which covers his five years as a POW in Vietnam; and also because I saw the movie Rescue Dawn about a year ago. Rescue Dawn is the movie based on Dieter Dengler's story.

Pick this one up if you enjoy this genre of books. It might be a little difficult to find. Luckily the Contra Costa Library system has a copy, but I think that might be because Dengler was a Bay Area resident.

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  1. ooh i wanna read Faith of my Fathers...i just heard Jerry Coffee speak ( he was also a POW for 7 years, he has a million stories to tell. i bought his book but haven't gotten to it...