Sunday, March 22, 2009

Twilight on DVD

Instant gratification has become a problem. It makes me forget the lesson I should have learned the last time I let my impatience overrule reason. That time I ended up at opening night of Return of the King, standing there wondering "Why am I here? I just want to see the movie." There have of course been other incidents of reason-overruled since Return of the King, but I always forget the lesson-learned, and there I was on Friday night at the midnight release of the Twilight DVD.

There were several midnight release party options, but I went to the Hot Topic one because Seth pre-ordered the DVD for me as an anniversary gift. Very, very nice and thoughtful of him. He of course thought it was a great idea until I forced him into accompanying me to the party (I used the whole if-we-lived-LA-or-Hawaii-this-wouldn't-be-an-issue to guilt him into this).

Well, bachi on me because it ended up being a torturous evening for both of us. Despite all the hype, the Hot Topic we visited did a poor job of entertaining Twilighters and their guests. The yawn-fest consisted of standing in two separate lines; one line to get into the store and the other to pick-up the DVD. If you read my twitter feed, you know exactly how bored I was, and I won't get into it again. It was so bad that I let Seth ditch me and wander off. I also stupidly left my book at home--more often than not I have a book in purse specifically meant to ward off impatience and boredom while waiting. Seth at least laughs about the whole thing and tells everyone that he stood with all the other dads while he waited for his 30-year old kid. Ha. Ha. Ha.

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