Wednesday, February 4, 2009


More traffic than usual on Lake Chabot Road made my commute home longer and more "interesting" today. It was a stalled car blocking one of the two existing lanes that made all the traffic.

While I waiting out the congestion my car lurched forward--seemingly on its own. Right...on its own. It was the girl behind me in the beige Camry! She rear-ended me, and thanks to her I now owe Seth a dollar for our swearing fund. When I looked in my rearview mirror at her, she was just looking at my car and then reversed her car a little. Smart move, right? Yes, reverse your car on the packed road while we all wait for the stalled car to move. My turn for a not-so-smart move.

I got out of my car to take a look at my bumper (or is it fender). Thankfully, there was no mark on the car. Unfortunately, the culprit did not bother to get out of her car, or at the very least roll down her window to apologize. Boo on you girl-in-the-beige-Camry!

This happened to me once before on my way to jury duty in the City of Compton. I think it might have been a girl driving in a green Camry that time. Of course, that time I did not get out of the car. Today's game of bumper cars felt the same, but since I was in Castro Valley and generally feel safer there than I do in Compton, I got out of my car.

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