Thursday, February 26, 2009

On Being Friends With the Library Again

Somewhere between high school and a couple of years ago, I forgot about public libraries. Maybe it's because in college there was a built-in library, and mostly I associated it with textbooks and exam doesn't really matter though because I have become friends with my library again!

I thank the Burlingame Public Library for this reunion. When I started working on the Peninusla I stumbled upon the most beautiful library I have ever seen (Burlingame). It reminds me of a very large home (maybe a small mansion), filled with books. I love it there. Unfortunately, now that I work on the East Bay it makes no sense to drive across the Bay Bridge and through the City just for the ambience.

The Pleasant Hill Public Library doesn't have the charm or warm atmosphere of Burlingame, but it gets the job done. The best thing about the Contra Costa system is that you can go online to reserve a book, and the book will be sent over to the library of your choice; you get an email or a phone call telling you to pick-up your book. I have picked up books from Clayton, San Ramon, Lafayette--all at Pleasant Hill. I love the use of technology and I love the convenience! The only problem is that my stack of books is HUGE since I thought there would be a much longer wait. This means that Sense and Sensibility is on hold as I have three weeks to get through four of the books from the House of Night series (done), Into the Wild and Coraline.

If you're interested, I am currently reading Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. I have seen the movie already, and mostly it made me angry. The book has evoked different feelings from me, and I think I understand Chris McCandless better, but we shall see.

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