Friday, February 27, 2009

Why I Listen to the Dan Patrick Show

While I desperately clung to the vestiges of my former life in LA, Dan Patrick announced he would be soon leaving ESPN and his ESPN radio show in August 2007. In the well-there-goes-my-favorite-sports-talk-radio-show sense I was devastated. I couldn't even get ESPN radio in the Bay Area, and had just found the podcasts to his show on iTunes--I could feel another tie to Los Angeles loosening.

But, the knot didn't completely undo itself and several months later I stumbled upon Dan Patrick's radio show again. Somehow, the internet led me to his new home with Sports Illustrated ( I was teeny-bopper happy again to have found Dan on the radio. I still get his shows on podcasts because the tape-delayed version is played in the Bay Area some time in the afternoon when I'm at work.

You might wonder why I listen to Dan Patrick, or why I even turn on sports talk radio. First of all, Dan is funny. Then, there's his crew, Paulie, Seton, Fritzie and McLovin'--they have the best work dynamic and they always sound like they're having way too much fun. Of course, there's the fact that I love sports. Finally, it's because Dan has a way of sharing some new bit of information with the audience, and in the process, makes me laugh.

Before I tell you what I learned from Dan today, I must admit that I am extremely far behind in my podcasts, so I was listening to something from November 2008.

So, the best reason for listening to Dan is because you can learn stuff like the fact that Peyton Manning once asked Justin Timberlake to get him a pair of bowling shoes because he had no idea who Justin was; and JT actually went along with it and got him the shoes! At the time, I would venture to say that JT was bigger than Peyton since N'Sync was together and Peyton had just been signed by the Colts. Of course, the exchange between Dan and JT is much better, so go download the podcast from November 12. It is Peyton-Manning-MasterCard-commercial-priceless.

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