Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Knitting Adventure

My sister has more faith in my knitting abilities than I do. Several months ago she asked if could make her a baby cocoon because she loves the ones she has seen other photographers use in their work.

I immediately began looking online and in yarn stores for patterns, but there are very few to be found, and almost entirely in crochet. Crochet does notwork for me because I just don't get it, so that was not an option. I found a baby stork sack pattern from the kipknitzed blog, and I did try the pattern out, but it was still not quite what I was looking for in a cocoon. Ultimately, I decided I could venture out of my knitting comfort zone and piece together a pattern since the cocoons look like really big and extra-long hats to me. It seems like the prototype worked out okay, but we'll see what my sister says when she gets in the mail.

Here is what I did for this particular cocoon:

Yarn (Serenity Chunky Weight in Almond)
Size 9 Circular Needle, 16"
Stitch marker ring
  1. Cast on 64 stitches (or gauge to get a cocoon with an eight-inch diameter).
  2. *R1: Knit; R2: Purl
  3. Repeat R1/R2 until work measures 6 1/2" from the edge
  4. Knit in the round (use stitch marker to mark the beginning of the row).
  5. Continue until work measures 18" from the edge.
  6. Round 1: *K6, K2tog (repeat from * to end)
  7. Round 2: Knit
  8. Round 3: *K5, K2tog (repeat from * to end)
  9. Round 4, 5, 6: Knit (all remaining even number rows)
  10. Round 7: *K4, K2tog (repeat * to end)
  11. Round 9: *K3, K2tog (repeat * to end)
  12. Round 11: *K2, K2tog (repeat * to end)
  13. Round 12: *K2, K2tog (repeat * to end)
  14. Round 13: *K1, K2tog (repeat * to end)
  15. Cut yarn and weave through remaining stitches. Pull to close top of the hat.

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