Monday, August 23, 2010

My Car is Sick

My car makes my head hurt. Since March of this year it has been on 11 trips to the dealership--11 because for every repair it must first be diagnosed. Most of the problems were related to the air conditioning; except for one time in June when it was in the shop because of the AC and because it stalled twice while I was driving it. Now it's a crankshaft sensor issue. Did I mention that my car is five years old?

My head hurts. What makes it worse is the lack of response I have received from both the dealership and the corporate office. Initially the problems were covered under warranty, but when the problem was identified as a major component the dealership decided they would no longer cover repairs. So, I turned to the corporate office. Since I initially filed a case with them in July, I have received one phone call back, and that woman left a message. I returned her call but never received a call back. Today, I finally caught up with her.

Don't think that she called me back. I called her this morning to try and talk to someone about the crankshaft issue and to find out if any decisions have been made about my AC. I got her voicemail, left a message and then realized that I should probably get her last name. So, I called back a little later (she says her full name in her message), and she actually picked up this time.

She said I could fax her the letter I wrote; a letter which outlines all my trips to the dealership, my concerns and I faxed the letter. And I mailed one to the corporate office. Now I guess I'm in the proverbial holding pattern, and we'll see how long it takes for them to get back to me. I hope it's not long because I'm near the end of my patience, and I'm trying really hard to be polite and non-threatening.

Let's face it though, it's a monumental task to maintain my composure when my safety was at risk three days ago because my car stalled twice while I was driving it.

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  1. oooohh leeannie -
    dude! that fricken car sucks!! bastards! i hate them for you.