Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mindy Metivier Photography

My sister has done something I am too much of a chicken to do. She started her own business, Mindy Metivier Photography. She has always loved being behind the camera, and she's finally taken a break from her job as a teacher and gone all-in!

Mainly she plans to focus on photo sessions for babies, kids and families, but she does have a fine art collection. I am totally biased, but I love her work, and a canvas print of the Golden Bridge photo hangs in my home.

Her website and blog will soon go live, but for now you can find her on Facebook or send her an email for her prices.

Congratulations Min! I'm proud and I'm jealous. Ganbatte!


  1. way to go mindy!! you know i'm one of your biggest cheerleaders!

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  3. Ooooh your post looks pretty with my images!!! Thanks!!! And you could so do your own business...look at all your crafts!!! Open an etsy shop!!! Seriously!!!